Татьяна Лазарева и Михаил Шац расстались About 20 years lasted relationship Tatyana Lazareva and Mikhail Shats. But as it turned out, the last few years TV presenter lives in Spain, and her husband in Moscow. According to Tatyana, in spite of the separation, the divorce has not yet filed. Lazarev does not exclude that one day they would be together again.
Татьяна Лазарева и Михаил Шац расстались

Tatyana Lazareva and Michael Schatz was one of the most popular couples of Russian television. However, the inherent humor is not saved, relations between spouses from the gap. As it became known, 51-year-old TV star for two years living in Spain, while her husband continues to work in Moscow. There, in Sunny Marbella, went to school and a daughter comics – 11-year-old Antonina.

About the move on the Mediterranean coast of the Lazarev sea thought for a long time, and came to Spain for a few weeks, decided to stay forever. The Joker rented an apartment, and as she admitted herself, the housing prices were much lower than in the Russian capital.

In addition, in Moscow, the presenter does not have anything that could keep her away from dramatic changes. Promising work, a new work – everything was in the past.

“All decisions in the family are accepted by me, I have no job, school I find the one that suits me. I’ll be better here. All this decision was made, but Michael. It so happened that we live a new life separately,” admitted Lazarus.
Татьяна Лазарева и Михаил Шац расстались

The presenter is convinced that marriage for life is a relic of the past. Parting with Schatz and Lazarev calls them a new “project”, noting that they remain close to each other people.

“This is such a closeness that you just will not leave, although very desirable. He has his own story that he likes, and I have mine. But we want to be together, and this is a very interesting challenge as new project – says Tatiana. Terribly interested to see what it is? Partner marriage?”.

Татьяна Лазарева и Михаил Шац расстались

In an interview YouTube-project “And talk?..” the actress also said that she values the relationship with her husband, above all, honesty. She does not understand why the couple to have a relationship on the side, if they are not divorced.

“For 20 years, never had a serious relationship on the side, I can’t. I believe that one ended, another began. It is also in this sense, a decent and honest man. I can’t lie, I don’t see the sense in it. If there was something, I would have left children and husband,” admitted Lazarus.