Denis Kosyakova stole 300 thousand rubles

Дениса Косякова обокрали на 300 тысяч рублей The actor left no valuables. Denis Kosyakov discovered missing after a holiday in Spain. The wife of the artist was very worried because of what happened. Some things the police managed to find.
Дениса Косякова обокрали на 300 тысяч рублей

This week, 8 February, in rolling out the brilliant Comedy “Women against men: Crimean vacation” in which the showman Denis Kosyakov has played a major role. However, in real life the actor is no laughing matter: a few days ago thieves broke into his house in the suburbs.

“I came back from Spain and drove to the country to get carrier for the youngest son, – has shared with “StarHit” Stocks. – In the hallway noticed the pile of clothes. Thought, “Weird… Maybe the brother of the wife of the family?”I realized what happened only when she came into the room, where everything was turned upside down, there was no plasma and other things.”

The thieves got into a house through the window. The owner of missed home theater, TV, radio, clothes and two thousand dollars, the neglected wife in the nightstand. The criminals were planning to make good through the front door, but didn’t know what she doesn’t open from the inside. Back because they had to return the same way.

“The booty they left in a baby carriage. She pulled out and drove off down the field toward the woods, but the path of the trophies is simply thrown out, – sighs the actor. – Together with the police we found my shoes and a suit made to order, I am very pleased. Apparently, the raiders have scared the neighbors, riding the snowmobile, and took only the most valuable.”
Дениса Косякова обокрали на 300 тысяч рублей

In the garden Association, where a two-storey house star, happened before the theft. The only watchman in the village is the grandmother that opens the gate on entry. After the robbery, the damage from which amounted to not less than 300 thousand rubles, Stocks immediately installed an alarm system and hired security services.

“The wife cried for two days, says Stocks. The eldest son of Denis, who is five years old, also survives, comes up with a story together with our dog Kunyakh to catch and punish criminals. Ready to protect us even at night.”