Вячеслав Тихонов: ссора с женой и нелюбимая роль Штирлица Today the legendary actor would have turned 90 years old. Vyacheslav Tikhonov was one of the brightest artists of the Soviet Union. He was married twice. With the first wife Nonna Mordyukova, the artist has lived for 13 years, but it was she who initiated the divorce.
Вячеслав Тихонов: ссора с женой и нелюбимая роль Штирлица

Today, February 8, would have turned 90 years of famous actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov. His passion for cinema began during the war, however, the parents did not support his ambitions and wanted to see the son of an agronomist. In 1945, he tried to do to VGIK, but he refused. However, after the entrance exams of the legendary pedagogue Boris Bibikov decided to enroll the young man to his course.

“First you said I was not photogenic. Saved by the fact that in the postwar period among students was mostly girls, the boys had not yet demobilized. So I did a trial for one semester. I tried really hard, felt a lot of responsibility, and well having passed the examination in acting, was a real student,” said Tikhonov.

Even during his studies he was offered the role of Volodya Osmekhina in the film “Young guard”, which was released in 1948. The artist himself considers it very important in his life – the tape has made him famous.

Despite the popularity, for ten years, the actor has not received decent job offers. The audience once again talking about Tikhonov in 1957.

“It may seem strange, but the main role in his life played the movie “it happened in Penkovo”. Stanislav Rostotsky gave me a start and in a big cinema, and can say, in life. I said to him very grateful. “Cannabic” we began our real friendship, which lasted many years – until the death of Stanislav Iosifovich. I still feel like I miss him,” admitted Vyacheslav Bykov.
Вячеслав Тихонов: ссора с женой и нелюбимая роль Штирлица

10-year no roles fully offset by the numerous offers to appear in pictures, which later became successful. The most famous Vyacheslav Tikhonov, of course, brought a serial film “Seventeen moments of spring”, where he played Soviet spy Isayev-shtirlitsa. Director Tatyana Lioznova has worked on the film for three years, and the result exceeded all expectations. On the other hand, despite the positive image of the main character, the actor himself tried not to talk about him.

“There was a danger of becoming a hostage of the image. And I’m very grateful that other important position,” – said Tikhonov.
Вячеслав Тихонов: ссора с женой и нелюбимая роль Штирлица

The years of “perestroika” the actor was perceived as very painful – it was difficult to come to terms with the changes in the country. At that time he again did not offer any significant role. The last time he appeared on screen in the film “Andersen. Life without love.» Director Eldar Ryazanov saw him in the image of God…

Vyacheslav Tikhonov was married twice. In the film “Young guard”, he became acquainted with Nonna Mordyukova. They had a son Vladimir. But marriage with actress cracked – after 13 years of marriage the actress filed for divorce. Later she told me that refused any kind of work to feed his family.

“Understand, I’m not against movies, serious roles, but if they are not and the law allows, why not be somewhere from the Knowledge society? I am probably more on the man were similar: for the sake of his family might have tried to pull a cart, and Tikhonov is not… Glory — a man tender, nice, one might even say beautiful, but he had one fault — he didn’t love me…”confessed Mordjukova.
Вячеслав Тихонов: ссора с женой и нелюбимая роль Штирлица

Four years later, Vyacheslav met Tamara – they both sounded French film “a man and a woman.” The couple lived together for 42 years, had a daughter Anna, who followed in the footsteps of his famous father. In 2005 Anya she gave birth to twins George and Vyacheslav Tikhonov which simply adored.

“Lives with me family daughter, sometimes I go with them to the market – I’m really trying to disguise myself, so as not found out. Clock watching your four year old grandchildren-twins and I have to say that this is the most interesting to do. Parents called them in honor of both grandfathers (my father-in-law called George). While Slava and Andrey – since at one time were born from the same mom and dad! the same robbers, and to say, passed on to them something from me before. If you show up much later in the work, but I’m trying to understand what is pulling them, and even rid myself of the painful idea that to live in our time, boys and girls! – very dangerous,” admitted the actor.

4 Dec 2009 Vyacheslav Tikhonov died. He was 81 years old. For a few days before his death he underwent surgery on the blood vessels. Despite the fact that the surgery was successful, the actor has kidney failure and is then connected to the ventilator. However, these measures were unable to save the life of the artist.

Based on the articles of the Newspapers “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Boulevard of Gordon”, Kino-teart.ru.