Decl harshly criticized Kryptonite, calling him a “worker”

Децл жестко раскритиковал Скриптонита, назвав его «гастарбайтером» Cyril Tolmatsky appreciated the work of our colleagues, who recently gave a Frank interview to the journalist Yuri Dude. The rapper has hinted that he is not happy with the activities of the ward Basta. In turn, Vasily Vakulenko sharply expressed in the address of decl, protecting the artist of his label.
Децл жестко раскритиковал Скриптонита, назвав его «гастарбайтером»

Hook recently spoke with journalist Yuri Dude. Interview with the rapper has gained over 2.7 million views on YouTube in a short time became one of the most discussed on the Internet. Cyril Tolmatsky, better known as Decl, decided to speak out about the activities of colleagues in social networks. In rather sharp form, the artist has made it clear that he does not consider the ward, Busta, whose real name Adil of Zhalelov, talented rapper. As the words Tolmatskogo, he is not imbued with creativity Kryptonite, known for such tracks as “the Thing”, “Party” and “Hangout”.

“For me, it is the average migrant worker from Uzbekistan. Strange, not very well-mannered type, with a very perverted lifestyle. And it works as if not chewed Breakfast, not a word understood” – shared Decl.
Децл жестко раскритиковал Скриптонита, назвав его «гастарбайтером»

After some time, the rapper explained his position. According to Tolmatsky, the success Kryptonite is the result of “SMM ers, PR, tour managers, but not the merit of one actor, on his place could be anyone.” He also added that tastes differ. According to Cyril, he had no intention to insult anyone, but merely expressed his own opinion. “I argue, based on their feelings and experience and I doubt that Adil with such arrogance will be able to move independently,” said Tolmatsky.

The reaction of the strikers to the replicas of decl of his ward was not long in coming. A former judge of the show “the Voice” broke out in several posts on Twitter. “LZLLHMDT”, – said Vasily Vakulenko in the microblog, referring to his conflict with Cyril Tolmatskogo that erupted in August last year. Later, the opponent Vakulenko sued him in court for protection of honour and dignity. In a result that’s lost and was forced to pay a colleague in show business the amount of 50 thousand rubles.

Rapper Busta lost Declo in court

This time Vakulenko again not be stingy with caustic remarks to the address Tolmatsky. First Basta repostnul account of one of the subscribers. “Drove decl expert opinion about the creation of Kryptonite. Now I understand that the decl just agony,” wrote one of the readers microblog Vakulenko. In addition, Basta publicly criticized the behavior of the opponent, comparing him with a woman.