Dasha Zhukova gave a festive party with children

Даша Жукова устроила праздничную вечеринку с детьми The founder of Garage Museum celebrated the 36th anniversary. On this day she was with family and loved ones. In social networks appeared a bright frame where Zhukov captured in the company of son Aaron and daughter Leah.
Даша Жукова устроила праздничную вечеринку с детьми

The founder of the Museum “Garage” Dasha Zhukova celebrated birthday in the company of your son Aaron and daughter Leah. Businesswoman shared family frame on page in a social network. Members and friends Zhukova admire how grown up her children and say that the woman looks great and literally glows with happiness.

Recall that Dasha Zhukova is happily married with Roman Abramovich almost 10 years. The couple met in 2005 at a party in Barcelona. In 2009 there were rumors about problems between spouses, however, they soon dispelled all doubts. Then they had a son Aaron.

As Zhukov says, she tries to raise children in severity, to follow a certain routine. Every day the heirs go to bed around the same time. Dasha says that he prefers to take children on business trips, so they understand what parents. However, excessive loading of the son and daughter the businesswoman has no plans. In her opinion, they should choose what they like.

Даша Жукова устроила праздничную вечеринку с детьми

By the way, Roman Abramovich gradually teaches son to adult Hobbies. Recently, he took the heir at the event, which was held at the Golf club. According to many users, the boy is very cute and looks like daddy. The child with pleasure posed for photographers and met with friends of the Novel.

Recall that Abramovich is also the father of five children – two sons and three daughters. They were born in the marriage of a businessman with Irina Malandina. The couple divorced in March 2007.