Decl criticized the “fat bastard” Basta

Децл раскритиковал «жирного ублюдка» Басту Cyril Tolmatsky condemned the behavior of Vasily Vakulenko. Hip-hop artists do not want to go to the world and continue to speak negatively about each other. Basta previously tried to appeal the verdict, according to which he must pay Declo compensation for abuse in social networks.

Decl and that’s that continue to interfere with each other. Recently, Kirill Tolmatsky has decided to publicly criticize the opponent, his label “gas Tank” and rapper Schokk’. A track called “No name, no game” was posted on Soundcloud.

In his disse Decl named Vasily Vakulenko “fat bastard” and accused him of slander:

You are there to have fun — that’s really sweet,
When you powder the brain fat bastard with “Gas”,
Like, Decl Motorola. Yeah, Bob, three times.
We’re laughing Roma over how awkward
You RUB all around like you’re threat.
Your cloaca tightened all the competitors,
Now everything is under control, except for a few moments.

Speaking of Schokk’e, which in October released the Diss track “Letter to Declo”, Tolmatsky announced that he “has had it”. According to Kirill, he should not conquer the Russian rap scene. In the verse, dedicated to Schokk’, also referred to his former colleague Oxxxymiron:

You know my style tower, vile talker.
Wheel cylinders for me — and you’ll be dead for sure.
It is easy to powder brains of naive kids.
In the Elevator, munching popcorn, grimacing like a monkey,
With tweet about Oksana as a girl bred.

Recall that at the end of October in Rostov dismissed the appeal Basta. Vasily Vakulenko did not agree with the decision of the court of Kastrychnitski district of the city, obliged him to pay Cyril Tolmatskogo 350 thousand roubles for the done moral harm. Initially Cyril filed several lawsuits in the amount of four million, which were later combined into one.

The representative Vakulenko claimed that its publication in the “Twitter” it does not offend Tolmatsky and he does not experience mental suffering. According to Basta, Cyril just wanted to draw attention to yourself through the judicial process.

The conflict between Declan and Basta has been going on for a long time. In August 2016 Tolmatskogo complained about the noise in the club Vakulenko “gas Tank” that prevented him from sleeping. Twitter Cyril, there have been several publications in which he denounced the activities of Basil and his staff. The answer Basta’t have to wait long. He publicly criticized decl, calling it a “hairy dick”. Earlier Vakulenko spoke about Tolmatskogo similarly, when he gave an interview in 2015, mentioning the “gas Tank”.