Maria Maksakova spoke about the court with the relatives of Denis Boronenkov

Мария Максакова высказалась о суде с родственниками Дениса Вороненкова On Wednesday, the media reported that an Opera singer had a disagreement with the daughter of the deceased husband of Catherine. It was alleged that Maria Maksakova suspected the girl in the use of prohibited substances. The actress has denied the information publicised in the press.
Мария Максакова высказалась о суде с родственниками Дениса Вороненкова

Recently in mass media there was information that Maria Maksakova allegedly suing the daughter of Denis Boronenkov. According to sources, the journalists, the dispute between the singer and the heiress policy Catherine broke out on the background of the struggle for the estate. It was alleged that the girl helped the artist to sell non-residential premises in the capital and sold it at a reduced price.

Maria Maksakova is suing relatives of Denis Boronenkov

Journalists contacted Maksakova to comment on the data received publicity in the Network. The singer denied reports that she is suing Catherine Vorontcovo. According to Maksakova, she has the claim to Denis Panaiotova, who bought her flat on Presnenskaya embankment.

“This is absolutely distorted information, – said the artist. – I have legal proceedings with another person, his name is Denis Panaitov. He seized Katina incomplete legal capacity, took possession of my apartment. Katie was a power of attorney for sale. The apartment she had sold. And Panaitov still not settled with me. So I’m suing him, and Kate is involved as a sootvetchitsey and I hope that the court will take into account her partial incapacity and not able to make adequate decisions”.
Мария Максакова высказалась о суде с родственниками Дениса Вороненкова

As told by the artist, Panaiotov once worked in the organs. Maria Maksakova argues that Panaiotov declined to renew his apartment and threatened, reminding about the criminal case, instituted on Boronenkov. The singer refused to go to meet him and offered to buy the property.

According to Maksakova, they Panajotovym agreed about the transaction in the amount of 120 million rubles. However, the man and transferred the money to the account of Mary. The performer says that he took advantage of the condition of Catherine, and extended all over. The result Maksakova had to go to court.

“I realized that it took many months, the man apparently is not going to pay me, actually trying to steal my property”, – quotes the singer “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Note that not so long ago, 19-year-old model Alexander Avramenko said about the relationship with Denis by Voronenkova. The girl appeared in the Studio of “actually” to share their story. Later Maria Maksakova said that Alexander deliberately slandered her dead husband. Her words were confirmed by former participant of “House-2” Ivan Barzakov, who is personally familiar with Avramenko. He is sure that Alexander decided to earn some money on the big story. Maksakova has spoken out about his alleged mistress Boronenkov