Daughter touching Stas Mikhailov congratulated the mother on her birthday

Дочери Стаса Михайлова трогательно поздравили маму с днем рождения Wife of the honored artist receives congratulations from loved ones — beloved husband and adorable children. Today Inna Mikhailova turns 43. Especially for mother adored her daughter had prepared a funny and cute greetings and her husband once again confessed my love for her.

      Heiress of the singer, the charming Ivan and Maria, gave his wife of Stas Mikhailov Inna crafts made with your own hands. Girls also read poems for his beloved mother, which this year marks 43 years. “My mummy dear. Happy birthday to you. Heartily wish you lots of happiness” — with these words addressed the mother of 6-year-old Ivanna. Her younger sister, 3-year-old Marina, was so determined to congratulate his mother, even gave Ivanna a nice skirmish. From the girls looked very funny.

      Fans of Stas Mikhailov found that girls are not only adorable but also smart as a whip. “Marvelous girls”, “We love your family”, “Beauty”, “Goldilocks annealed as always. Cuties”, “Beauty”, “children”, “Good girl”, “Bunny”, “Mashulya — queer,” wrote subscribers Mikhailov. They also joined in the congratulations of the heiresses of the famous singer and his wife wished all the best: “Stas, with the birthday girl You! Happiness and health to your family, love you”, “happy birthday to your wife and congratulations with the Victory Day! God bless your whole big beautiful family,” “Congratulations, your beautiful wife.”

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      In addition, the artist made separate publication in his Instagram dedicated to my favorite Inna, with whom they live in perfect harmony. “Happy birthday, darling!”, — wrote the singer in his microblog.

      By the way, for anybody not a secret that a large number of songs of Stas Mikhailov is dedicated to his wife. He also constantly gives her gifts and has signs of attention. Inna Mikhailova as if bathed in the love of her husband and therefore the married couple is considered to be one of the highest in the Russian show business. In interviews, Inna would often say that about such a beloved one as Stas, can only dream of.

      Video posted Justin Bieber (@stas_mihailoff) May 9 2016 1:13 PDT

      Recall that Stas Mikhailov is married to Inna, who was nee Ponomareva, 2011. Until the ceremony they were familiar a few years. The beginning of life together, the couple noted in France, in an old mansion, built in the 16th century. In an interview with Stas admitted that he wanted to give his wife a holiday she will never forget. And he managed just fine: Inna said that such amazing sensations as during a trip with her husband and close friends abroad, she had never experienced.

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