Yana Rudkovskaya gave son Sasha baby

Яна Рудковская подарила сыну Саше малыша Three year old Dwarf Gnomic rehearses the role of big brother. Yana Rudkovskaya fulfill the desire of his son, bought him a doll with a stroller, with a hint at future additions to the family. Sasha enjoys walks with “a little” and gives him the Binky – all as he wanted.

      Яна Рудковская подарила сыну Саше малыша

      The little heir producer Yana Rudkovskaya and Olympic champion Evgeny Plushenko is a three-year Sasha appeared object for touching care. These days the boy rehearsing the role of older brother. After all, mom and dad gave him, like he asked, baby. So far, however, toy. But this gift of the parents of Sasha Plushenko incredibly happy. Because now he had the opportunity to roll the baby on the stroller and give him a Binky – mom and dad did as he asked, actually fulfilling his dream.

      In the microblog of the Dwarf Gnomic the name Sasha in the family, there was a video where he’s with his friend’s, and filled with a sense of pride and responsibility, walks around the Playground with a stroller. “My dream almost came true, I bought a toddler with a stroller, but not with yet, but a toy. And now I began to care for it”, – wrote in the microblog of the son in his name Yana Rudkovskaya. “Just don’t throw the ball to him! He is afraid, he is still small” – importance of a young father strictly drawn Sasha to his older brother Cole, who also is on the court – on record it is audible, as he produces the ball.

      Video with Sasha in the lead role has led to the admiration of subscribers to its microblog. “Well, just a miracle baby! May God grant you only happiness and good luck, raduy mom and dad”, “So clever!”, “Well done, little dad, very caring! Important”, “Sasha need sister real, not a toy”, “Such a wonderful, thoughtful and clever! Parents, hold on!” – threw compliments fans of Sasha Plushenko and his mom and dad.

      It is worth noting that the son of Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko really precocious. Despite his young age, Sasha is very intelligent and shows interest in various activities. Mom and dad do not have the opportunity to constantly engage with it on their own – everyone has a lot of work – but Sasha teach professional teachers, besides he has a wonderful nurse. The result of their joint labors are already evident. Not long ago, the baby began to read by syllables. This ability of the boy was first able to appreciate the subscribers microblog Yana Rudkovskaya, where she published a video in which Alex read two-syllable words. Parents develop both mental and physical activity Sasha. Son of the stars already some time is engaged to coach football and making this first success. And recently dad Evgeni Plushenko put the kid on skates.

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