Дочка Серены Уильямс доводит ее до слез
Discouraged tennis player doesn’t know what to do.

Serena Williams with her daughter Olympia


Serena Williams in
despair: her little daughter Olympia started teething, and this process
been so painfully that weeps for herself and Serena. “This is so bad, so bad baby Olympia.
She cries continuously and almost completely stopped sleeping. She falls asleep for a while
only when I hold her in my arms. I was so exhausted and nerves
looking at her, also crying along with her and can’t sleep. I’m starting to dream about me and my
mommy held it in his arms. Perhaps I could fall asleep…” confessed Williams.

36-year-old Serena said that she’s tried everything
conceivable means to alleviate the suffering of the child. “Beads of amber, cold compresses, homeopathic
drops, chewing on mom’s finger — nothing helps…” complained the player.
Having exhausted all known methods, it turned for advice to his
a fan who enthusiastically responded to the request for help. Serena
have already received more than 8 thousand messages from his fans. Alas, still nothing
they proposed also yielded no result.

So Williams remains, apparently, only
to accept and to live through difficult
time. Recall: Serena gave birth to Olympia this fall — September 1. And that
she is pregnant with her first child, it became known in March 2018. This news
appeared just three months after Williams announced that she
got engaged with her boyfriend — Alexis Ohanian, the lawful wife of which
she was in mid-November of this year.