Кирилл Сафонов удивил новым неожиданным имиджем
The actor has shaved off his “signature” beard.

Kirill Safonov

Photo: Instagram

Kirill Safonov has shared a series of photos from training
Boxing, but the attention of fans attracted is not just his sporting achievements. Although members of the actor and evaluated the athletic training and physical form of the artist, much
more them pleased with the fact that Cyril has shaved his famous beard, without
which, it seemed, it is already impossible to imagine. “Oh, good without
beard! Good that he shaved off his beard! So much better? Cyril, did you shave?” —
wrote fans of the stars. Most likely, such a radical change of image is associated with
the new role of the actor, as it often happens.

By the way, changes the actor not only in image but also in his personal
life. Very soon he will marry her daughter, 22-year-old Anastasia. In
the Nov boyfriend girls, Irish Stephen, in the presence of his future father-in-law and
mother-in-law made an offer that Anastasia could not refuse. On
the big event is the successor of the actor said in social networks, and later her
the impending wedding has commented on himself Safonov. Cyril supported the daughter in her

“At one Irishman in our family was
more. Nastya + Steven = tili-tili-dough! joked Safonov at its
official page in Instagram. — I love you!” The groom is a foreigner handed
Anastasia treasured ring while on vacation in Israel.