Daughter of Will and Utyasheva growing real Princess

Дочка Воли и Утяшевой растет настоящей принцессой
Parents have shared photos from the celebration of the birthday girls.

Дочка Воли и Утяшевой растет настоящей принцессой

Pavel Volya with Sofia

Photo: @liasanutiasheva (Instagram lyaysan Utyasheva)

Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva celebrated the birth of a daughter. Exactly two years ago, the couple became parents for the second time. In their happy family baby Sofia. The other day they made a small party at home in honor of the birthday girl.

Entertainer the birthday of Sofia made an exception and showed rare pictures in which she was captured with her parents. The fact that the Will and utiasheva categorically do not show the face of her daughter. Therefore, all photos of the young Sophia appearing in the Network, are made exclusively from the back.

Laysan utiasheva with Sofia

Photo: @Instagram pavelvolyaofficial Pavel Volya

Paul also posted a touching message of congratulations addressed to his wife. “Thank you for these wonderful 2 years. Lazenka, thank you for this happiness. Rob, your peasants, you promise to love and protect, as they have done without interruption to this day. The whole house in balloons, Sofia kissing and the skirt is a celebration!” — he wrote.

Recall that the couple also has a teenage son Robert. His star parents are also hiding. They stipulate that children in the future should make their own choices: to publish the pictures online or not. Paul and Rosie don’t want to deprive them of the right choice. By the way, this is also the opinion of Elizaveta Boyarskaya husband Maxim matveevym.