Дочь Веры Брежневой показала отца

The eldest daughter Vera Brezhneva 15-year-old Sonia Kiperman, as her star mom and as an ordinary modern teenager is an active user of social networks. Microblogging girls on the Internet is updated frequently. Often on your page Sonia publishes their photographs, sometimes there are mother and a younger sister. On the same day Kiperman posted a picture of a man who cared about her subscribers for a long time. So, in your account Sonia posted a photo with his dad Mikhail Kiperman. Selfie was signed: “happy father’s Day best dad ever.”

Note that despite the fact that Sonia herself calls Kiperman dad, biologically it is not.

First husband of Vera Brezhnev was a businessman Vitaliy Voychenko, whom she lived for several years in a civil marriage. 19 years old singer gave birth to a daughter Sonja, but almost immediately after birth, they parted.

Then Faith took its first steps in the world of show business, because born from Voychenko daughter Sonia was placed in the care of parents Brezhneva. Himself Vitaly about bringing up daughters did not participate.

In 2006, the year of Brezhnev married a Ukrainian businessman Mikhail Kiperman, which was adopted by Sonia. Three years later they had another daughter Sarah, and in 2012 they divorced. Sonia is very fond of his stepfather and considers his father. With Vitaliy Voychenko girl is not talking.


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