Angelina Jolie once again shocked fans with his appearance

Анджелина Джоли опять шокировала поклонников своим внешним видом

Over the past few years Angelina Jolie, beauty and attractiveness which, until recently, admired by many, makes you worry about your fans. Each output Jolie in the world is a new reason to talk about how she has changed unfortunately for the worse.

The reason is discord in the relationship with her husband brad pitt (said Angie’s crazy jealous of her blessed), and health problems.

After three years ago Angie was deleted mammary glands (to prevent breast cancer) actress is rapidly losing weight, bringing himself almost to anorexia.

Анджелина Джоли опять шокировала поклонников своим внешним видом

Pitti, which Jolie suspects in the affair on the side, remains faithful to his wife and is doing everything possible to improve her health. He even hired a private chef who would cook high-calorie, but healthy food for Angelina, so she gained a few pounds.

So far, the situation is changing only for the worse.

So, for example, recently paparazzi managed to take some new pictures of a celebrity, which she is still very thin and looks very tired. Moreover, despite the bright sun and hot weather, the actress did not take off a huge gray woolen capes.

Fans speculated that the fat in the body, Jolie is not there, because even in hot weather, when the thermometer reached thirty degrees, the chilly actress.


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