Мужчина умер во время просмотра «Заклятье-2″ и пропал

The creators of horror and mystical thrillers has repeatedly stated that when filming a particular picture with a confusing plot, they have to face something otherworldly and inexplicable.

To experience the mystical horror film “the Conjuring 2” has been 65-year-old man.

Cinema city Tiruvannamalai in southern India two men, natives of the state of Andhra Pradesh, went to enjoy the “night show”. In one of the climactic moments of the chest of one man shrank from the pain and he lost consciousness. The viewer was taken to a local hospital, where doctors had to admit his death.

The horror of this story on the tragic death of man just beginning.

The staff asked the companion of the deceased to take the body to another hospital — local medical College on the outskirts of the city for the autopsy. Then the corpse, and his friend disappeared.

Police now grabs his head and tries to find a living man with his deceased friend, the local polls and is trying to correct his mistake. It is strange that the police and physicians with peace of mind trusted friend of the deceased to convey his body, while not with the machine even escort.

Note “Spell-2” — a film by James WAN, who already has experience in creating horror movies (“Saw,” “Insidious”).

The film’s plot, which is the sequel to “the conjuring,” 2013, based on real events — the so-called “Anfisy poltergeists”, which took place in the late seventies in England: the characters of Faith Farmiga and Luke Wilson help single mother to resist the rampage of the evil spirit.


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