Daughter of Valentin Yudashkin openly talked about how now her father must feel

Дочь Валентина Юдашкина откровенно рассказала о том, как сейчас себя чувствует её отец

This year, for the first time in the history of the fashion house Valentin Yudashkin at the presentation of the new collection of the Maestro was not present. The famous Russian Couturier fell seriously ill, and therefore was forced to stay at home. Instead of the Valentin Yudashkin in Paris was his daughter who actually took care of all the organizational question, what incredibly helped father.

Their disease Yudashkin says reluctantly. But Galina Yudashkin recalls this difficult time and said that their family really had to worry. Now the disease has receded. Valentin returned to a normal life: he continues to work in his Studio and also enjoys fellowship with the only grandson Anatoly. “More energy than all of us, — says Galina about my father. — Dad is already active and traveling. Illness forced him to pick up and start to act. It proved that we just can’t win. He enjoyed playing with our son, when I have time. Shreds we do not have a problem, and parents get pleasure from communication with him.”