Condition skinny Dima Bilan is improving

Состояние исхудавшего Димы Билана улучшается

Dima Bilan never be called a “man body”. The artist has always been thin, slim, fit. But the changes in appearance that occurred Dima over the last few months, made not a little worried his fans. It seemed that Dima is rapidly losing weight and the reason for that, most likely, is some kind of terrible disease. Another argument in favor of this theory had a new haircut: Dima shaved his head bald.

The act of his friend ward, and then hastened to comment on Yana Rudkovskaya. The producer tried to calm the fans Bilan and stated that Dima is healthy, and new hair is needed for a new project, the details of which, however, yet to disclose early.

Now Dima commented on the rumors about his health: the performer says he’s all right and that he feels well, because of the experiences there is no reason.

“Don’t tell me to fatten up! I’m in the norm. During the holidays I gained. Now I weigh 78 kilo. This is a normal for me weight. But before that it was only 69 pounds!” — said Dima during a recent live broadcast in Instagram.

I hope it really is.