Дочка Станислава Дужникова стала певицей
9-year-old Ustinya decided to become an artist.

Christina grandma with her daughter Ustinya

Photo: @tishababushkina(Instagram Christina’s Grandmother)

Daughter of Stanislav and Christina’s Grandmother’s Doinikova — Ustinya, pleases its parents star talents. A nine year old girl have already determined their future
profession: she wants to be a singer. Ability to singing with Ustinya became apparent
in early childhood, but then the parents did not pay enough attention. But with
over the years the love for singing only got stronger. The girl sang wherever
can: at home, at children’s parties, school performances… Kristina Babushkina
published in a personal blog video, which Ustinya sings. “The Apple never falls far from the tree,” says the actress.

We will remind, several
years ago my daughter Christina’s Grandmother dreamed of becoming an actress. She played in the children’s theatre and successfully performed. “Stesha (so the girl called home. — Approx. Ed.) was a modern Princess, so
we bought her a fashionable dress, which picked up early in the life of my daughters shoes
heels. However, the heel is small, about four centimeters. Also for the first time
at the request Stesi I painted her cilia: in your seven years old daughter, like many
her own age, wants to look older than his age”.


A video posted by Kristina Babushkina (@tishababushkina) on Mar 21, 2016 at 11:41pm PDT

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