Fight Evgeny Tsyganova received an unexpected response

Драка Евгения Цыганова получила неожиданный резонанс Video from a week ago became the most discussed in the Network. The footage Yevgeny Tsyganov got into a scuffle with a reporter. Watched Julia Snigir the actor only took from the hospital.

      Драка Евгения Цыганова получила неожиданный резонанс

      Last week it became known that actress Julia Snigir gave birth to the firstborn. According to the press, the child’s father is a 37-year-old Yevgeny Tsyganov. Artist for a long time concealed her pregnancy and who actually is the father of her son.

      Yuliya Snigir gave birth to first child

      However, the journalists managed to shoot Julia and Eugene after discharge her from the hospital became participants of the incident. At the entrance to the entrance of the house between the artist and reporter of publications began to fight. Video of Tsyganov in the presence of Julia and newborn child, caused a flurry of gossip in the Network. Many eagerly discuss the behavior of celebrities, and some believe that they only protect the right to privacy. I must say that the brawl happened in front of Yulia Snigir, who was holding the newborn.

      Moreover, the incident occurred after discharge Snigir from the hospital. Tsyganov began to fight the man, to pull him out of the car. Ignoring the entreaties of his companion, the actor continued to show aggression.

      We will remind that Yulia Snigir became a mother for the first time the ninth of March. For the actress is the first child, and for her beloved Tsyganova – eighth. Recall that Eugene left his previous civil wife Irina Leonova, despite the fact that at the moment of parting she was expecting the birth of a seventh child. Then the “StarHit” first reported that the couple broke up.

      Yevgeny Tsyganov left his wife, pregnant with a seventh child

      In the close environment of the actress say that birth Julia was difficult. According to them, the baby came a little earlier than I had to. Boy weight was about three pounds. The happy parents decided to call the boy Theodore. And from the hospital a young mother with a child met a happy father Yevgeny Tsyganov.

      Some time Snigir was hiding something, what is the name the child chose, even from close friends. Surrounded by Yulia admitted that she and Eugene – happy couple. “He now lives with Julia, to take care of her, and of the son, who gave his surname. Tsyganov is in love and happy. Julia said that they are good. They live a civil marriage, just don’t advertise because of the difficult situation Tsyganova. From superstitions while Julia did not tell us the name of his son, will tell you after the christening. Chose the name for the Yuletide, old Russian. And while no one shows the child, even grandparents. Mom Tsyganova has not yet seen his grandson. Now Julia refuses proposals of filming, and it is clear: sleepless nights, care – a child is active, restless. With a newborn helps her nanny,” said relatives of the actress.

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