Drew Barrymore poses on the cover of Marie Claire

Дрю Берримор позирует на обложке Marie Claire
A famous actress has shared how to go to parent meeting

Дрю Берримор позирует на обложке Marie Claire

American actress drew Barrymore graced the cover of the April issue of Marie Claire magazine US.
So she starred in spring photo session, the author of which was David Slijper.
Also 41-year-old star gave an interview to the correspondent of the publication.

Дрю Берримор позирует на обложке Marie Claire

Of fame and the star friends:

“I was always uncomfortable with this kind of camaraderie between the famous people. But Poo Poo (Cameron Diaz) I know from 14 years. We met before the start of her career, and I was working at the coffee shop and tried to rethink his life. So in our case it is not considered”.

About their appearance:

“I recently came to the parent meeting, do not forget to put on makeup, a little lipstick and concealer. I decided that people at school look at me a little differently. I usually come covered in pimples, in a convenient uggah. I decided that they will appreciate my efforts”.

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