Дочь Ивана Урганта борется с хейтерами из-за критики ее нового парня

Дочь Ивана Урганта борется с хейтерами из-за критики ее нового парня

19-year-old stepdaughter Ivan Urgant Erica for several days been active in combating haters on the social network Instagram. The girl at the moment resides in new York city since studying there in the school of contemporary art and photography. For quite a long time, she meets a man of African American appearance, but photos of him started to show recently. Guy, in turn, have openly calls Erica his wife.

She recently made a post with her lover, not commenting on it, and the guy wrote a nice comment about Erika: “a Perfect definition what a wife.” And it would be good if not for the Russian-speaking part of the world, which is subscribed to the page girls. They began to write racist comments, but so active that Erica had to defend her lover. One of the subscribers decided to make fun of, and wrote that the grandchildren Ivan Urgant will be “Miners”. The girl broke down and responded to this comment in an angry style. She promised to understand yourself in this “difficult” situation, without the opinions of strangers.

Yesterday, Erica’s boyfriend also decided to answer the detractors. He wrote that the threat from Russian is no longer relevant for him. The kid with childhood accustomed to hear the insults and humiliation in his address because of the color of the skin, so at the moment, all these comments are not surprising and do not cling. The only disappointment of the guy, he said, is the intimidation of a young 19-year-old girl for no reason. Also the guy wrote that he understands why people write this crap because they are all insecure of the cell companies. So angry he’s not going, and only sends the emotion of love.

It is worth mentioning that Eric is not a native daughter of Ivan Urgant, but he adopted her and a girl is not worse than their own children. From marriage with Natalia Kiknadze Ivan have two daughters Valeria and Nina. The star father of Erica has not commented on the relationship his stepdaughter with a man of African American origin.

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