Королева Елизавета произносит ежегодную рождественскую речь, отмечая победы и недочеты уходящего 2019 года

“The path is certainly not always easy and smooth and may from time to time, many felt insecure standing on the feet even on a flat surface, but even small steps can change the world!”, declared in his speech, the monarch.
Queen Elizabeth almost one of the most important and enduring of Christmas traditions: the annual holiday Queen’s speech before the most magical holiday.
A deeply religious monarch, who is already 93 years, each year, shares his thoughts, noting this holiday. The Queen recorded it in the Green room at Windsor castle, surrounded by personal family photographs.
In his speech this year Queen Elizabeth turned with reference to the 75th anniversary of exile and the victory over Nazism in the Second world War, saying that after the battle in the true spirit of reconciliation is the reconciliation of those who were previously sworn enemies and now going in a friendly pominal, dropping behind past differences in views and thoughts on this.

Королева Елизавета произносит ежегодную рождественскую речь, отмечая победы и недочеты уходящего 2019 года
Dressed in luxurious cashmere suit Royal blue color from his fashion house designer Angela Kelly. In the form of an accessory monarch chose a brooch with diamond and sapphire “Prince albert”, which albert gave to Queen Victoria in 1840 on the eve of their wedding. Speaking about the life of Jesus and the importance of reconciliation, she said, “How many small steps taken in faith and hope, can overcome longstanding differences and profound omissions, to bring harmony and understanding!”
“Way, of course is not always smooth, and may from time to time, someone felt quite unevenly, she said, but little steps can create a world!”
Among the family photographs, visible to the eye during his proclamation speech: a portrait of Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the accession of Charles to the post of Prince of Wales family portrait of Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis; photo of Prince Philip from the personal collection of the Queen; and vintage photograph of the Queen with the astronauts of Apollo 11 at Buckingham Palace in 1970.

Not pictured is the youngest grandson of the Queen, Archie, born in may this year Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
Earlier this month, Instagram, the Royal family shared the filming of the very first televised Christmas appeal Queen in 1957.

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