Карди Би была замечена на прогулке в Маями: без макияжа ее просто не узнать!

While in Miami on December 21, KARDi Bi decided to get lost among people and mingled with the crowd of bustling shopping centre, this was with absolutely no makeup and dressed in primitive casual blue mini dress for a shopping trip.
21 Dec KARDi Bi went shopping in Miami, and she looked very reserved and relaxed, so as not to stand out from the crowd. On a completely untouched face KARDi Bi no makeup, and she covered her hair by wearing a headband. Hot Mama looked pretty unusual without war paint faces! Although fans are accustomed to a rather bold images of the singer, this is not the first case when a Cardi can afford to relax and stroll without vivid images of clothing with the absolute rejection of even the minimum application of cosmetics for the face. KARDi once bvla spotted on a walk with my daughter kalcher at Disneyland, a walk which also gave the paparazzi where she was also completely without makeup, in comfortable clothes, but very unusual image of a star. She complements the image of a simple blue dress with buttons at neckline in front, on which she left a few buttons undone to accentuate your bust and a short mini length hem. Blue simple dress showed her figure to the full, as well as her tanned legs and a huge tattoo on all right hip.

Карди Би была замечена на прогулке в Маями: без макияжа ее просто не узнать!
It looked pretty unrecognizable, not in the style of the singer and the glamorous standards, and the beauty we used to see on the Cardi! However, we certainly don’t blame her that she just wanted a change of scenery and a more relaxing walk without the paparazzi before the holidays, but alas, was spotted! 2019 has been quite eventful for the rapper, and it seems that it took her a while to relax from the hustle and bustle of the saturated working day and just relax, looking into some shops.

Earlier this month, KARDi Bi lit up on the cover of the January issue for the year 2020 of a glossy magazine “Voque” with his 17-month-old daughter kalcher. Mother and daughter Duo look gorgeous on the photo shoot, but recently KARDi Bi in Instagram learned that it’s not as glamorous as it seemed in the magazine!
“It was the hardest shoot” she confessed. “My child soiled dress, she had on these shots to get up early in the morning, which she hates, and she had a straight face all day. But… we made it to VOGUE COVER!” It was the debut in photo shoots for kalcher, and we can’t wait to see this pair together in the new photo shoots in the future

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