Daughter of Alexei Panin was brought to tears on air “Let them talk”

Дочь Алексея Панина довели до слез в эфире «Пусть говорят» The actor came to the Studio programs to be justified. Alexey Panin has insisted that the heir, which came to light in marriage with Julia Yudintseva, to live with him. However, the woman does not want the child to grow up with a father.
Дочь Алексея Панина довели до слез в эфире «Пусть говорят»

Recently, the Network got a few shocking clips erotic content with the participation of Alexey Panin. The man brings nine-year-old daughter of the NUS. Her mother Julia Udintsev wants to protect the child and ready to fight for the right to see his daughter. Chief editor of the project “StarHit” and host “Let them talk” Andrey Malakhov spent the day with the artist and his heir. Today in the Studio of the talk show Alexey Panin will meet with the former spouse to make excuses for the videos to hit the Internet.

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“I want, first, to apologize for what had become an unwitting participant, that you and your children can see online. I, of course, the arm wasn’t attached, but since, probably, the culprit will not find, I take their sins away. So I apologize for that sincerely,” said Panin, appearing in the Studio.
Дочь Алексея Панина довели до слез в эфире «Пусть говорят»

Alex said that the videos he recorded a few years ago. The actor remembered that he was drunk and so have fun with the girl. Panin said that felt bad, because at that point his wife left him and he stopped to see his daughter. The man admitted that this entry was stolen, and personal life is nobody’s business.

Experts in the Studio drew attention to the fact that a nine year old daughter niusia can see these videos with the participation of papaw Network. However, Panin said that the child did not see and completely happy.

In the Studio was attended by the psychologist Nina Tarasenko, who was talking to the girl. She shared the shocking details of the conversation with the NUS.

“Nyura told me that at a party, dad and his friend took her by the hands and feet and thrown into the river, where naked men. Alex suggested, passing by the red square, walk her naked. She asked very often what she told me not to do what I was doing next to her bedroom. This is an Orgy that you dealt with my girlfriend and another couple,” said the specialist.
Дочь Алексея Панина довели до слез в эфире «Пусть говорят»

The Studio came ex-wife and mother of nyusi Julia Udintsev. She admitted she last saw the girl on the second of may in school.

Дочь Алексея Панина довели до слез в эфире «Пусть говорят»“I ask you, hear, my daughter Anna is a pervert and a sociopath, he ignores social norms. I’m not deprived of rights to education of the daughter, and that in legal effect a decision of the court is a lie,” said the ex-wife of actor.

Andrey Malakhov invited to watch a video in which a nine year old girl talks about her mom.

“She went and left me home, grandma, her mom, works at the Hermitage, we with the grandmother went there. My mother stayed at home, she ordered pizza and beer and watched the movie. I was not very nice it was, I poured into the toilet, she yelled at me not to touch other people’s things and started my grandmother to ask for 1000 rubles, to order pizza and beer. I closed them, they fought in front of me. Hands all scratched. It was something,” – said the daughter Panin and Udintseva.

Lawyer Julia Nazar Nazarov conducted its own investigation. He suggested that the video, which Alex goes to women’s pantyhose, was filmed recently. However, the actor did not respond to this suggestion and said he had not heard of this since I saw in your tablet.

Дочь Алексея Панина довели до слез в эфире «Пусть говорят»

The Studio came mother Julia Udintsev Hope. She suggested that Alex is not just a bully, but suffers from a mental disorder.

Each Panin Nikita Dzhigurda could not remain indifferent to the misfortune of a friend and came to support him.

Дочь Алексея Панина довели до слез в эфире «Пусть говорят»“Not surprised, Nazar, what do you do for these clips to accuse. Lyosha, sobbing, said: “I do not want to live without my daughter, I have no reason to live”. Leszek substituted”, – said the showman.

Andrey Malakhov hastened to reassure the Army, as the Studio is still present, the child Panina and Udintseva. The NUS said that is not going to change his decision and remain with his father.