Andrey Konchalovsky has told, how survived the tragedy with her daughter Masha

Андрей Кончаловский рассказал, как пережил трагедию с дочкой Машей The famous Director talked about his personal pain. According to Andrei Konchalovsky, he envies people who can hold back the tears in difficult situations. Filmmakers recognized that over the past few years he has changed the perception of the world.
Андрей Кончаловский рассказал, как пережил трагедию с дочкой Машей

This year on the screens out the film by Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Paradise”. The film was presented at the Venice film festival, where it earned the praise of foreign critics. The Director of the movie introduced a new product to the Japanese public. In a recent interview, the artist spoke about how he copes with the pain and also explained how his life has changed after the tragedy with her daughter Masha.

Despite the fact that this year Konchalovsky will be 80 years old, the man still full of energy and eager to implement the plans. According to the Director until the person has desire, he lives. Mr Nikitin says that he was very difficult to recover after a tragedy with her daughter Masha. Almost four years the girl is in a coma and doctors are fighting for her life. The child received a traumatic brain injury during a fatal road accident on 12 October 2013. Julia: “When I hear at the end of the play that we have to live, I think we need to live”

“I’m still lucky. There is a wonderful philosopher Viktor Frankl, who wrote a unique thing “to say to life, “Yes!” This is a great book that taught me a lot. Have learned that in any situation a person can find meaning. There are certain meanings that appeared after the tragedy with my daughter. And they are moving me today. I still want to have a lot of desires. Different. It’s called lust for life”, – said Andrey.

According to the Director, he can’t hold back the tears when he is very bad. He admits that he envied the people who don’t show their emotions.

“For me, in this respect, phenomenal Konstantin Simonov. On the Internet there are videos, reading Simonov “Wait for me” is a masterpiece of male talent. From personal pain can cry. Where I draw upon his personal pain to fly to Sakhalin? I don’t know…” – said the Director.

According to the filmmakers, not all people understand his Outlook on life. For example, according to Andrey Sergeevich, he and his wife Yulia Vysotskaya is not largely similar.

“You know, there’s just remember the parable about glass half full or half empty. For different people in different ways. It’s all human quality. We with the wife are two different people. Julia says that the glass is half empty and I say it’s half full,” – said Konchalovsky.

Journalists are always trying to understand, contend between the brothers. And Andrey Konchalovsky and Nikita Mikhalkov – successful filmmakers whose work is nominated for international film festivals. According to critics, each of them has its own unique style. Many are wondering, as a senior relates to the success of the younger. Andrew S. says they are sometimes creative differences, but overall they are very friendly.

“Recently, the press again became excited, seeing us with Nikita in an embrace after the ceremony “Golden eagle” “Paradise”… we Have good relations, brotherly! Yeah, I bet, but no more. More often I argue with him, he treats me tolerable. Much more tolerant than I to him,” – said the Director in an interview with “Russian newspaper”.