Дочь Алексея Панина: «Неприятно, когда мама меня обнимает» The actor and his ex-wife continue to fight for the child. The successor of Alexei Panin told “StarHit” why is afraid of the parent, and that will decide with whom to live. Meanwhile, Julia Udintsev making efforts to reclaim the NUS.
Дочь Алексея Панина: «Неприятно, когда мама меня обнимает»

A few weeks ago he again became the hero of scandalous news is leaked shocking videos in which an actor walks down the street in some fishnets and satisfied with sexual orgies on camera. Then Panin has called for a press conference and explained to the public why it behaves provocatively – all this happened in the presence of his nine-year-old daughter Ani.

A psychologist

The girl’s mother, Julia Udintsev, was horrified by what is happening. “I saw in a room full of journalists Anya looked at dad, flirted with him, – has shared with “StarHit” Julia. Is a normal relationship. She even talks like a grown man. Supposedly, I wrote messages in which he threatened to kill himself. But who saw asamas? She’s just been told that mom is bad.”

Daughter of Alexei Panin released a shocking message from mother

Woman shares daughter with Panin since she was born. Anya was born on October 12, 2007. Even then, Alexis and Julia began differences. “We fought a lot, and soon dispersed, says Udintsev. – Oddities I’ve noticed from the beginning. However, tights and fights was not.”

In 2009 the court of St. Petersburg ruled that the child remain with the mother. However, contrary to the decision of the girl lives with her father and grandmother. “He has kidnapped my daughter, – Julia continues. – The first time it happened when she was eight months. Anya was in the hospital – she had a fever. Despite poor health, he took the child to Moscow. Only a few years managed to pick up my daughter.

She lived with me in St. Petersburg for two years. We all was well. In 2014, Anya first went to sea, in the Crimea. A December 18, 2015, he again stole the daughter. I want my daughter to school after school when two bandits attacked me and mister Panin has taken her. Since then I have knocked at doors of instances, hoping to return Anja”.
Дочь Алексея Панина: «Неприятно, когда мама меня обнимает»

In April, he wrote on Instagram that the court of the Vladimir region, where the actor made a decision: daughter will live with her father. “I won! – happily said the actor. – NUS with me! From me did the monster, but, thank God, over!” Alexey Panin has won in fight for daughter

Julia Udintsev, who was present at the trial, filed an appeal.

Дочь Алексея Панина: «Неприятно, когда мама меня обнимает»“The documents are under consideration, – said the “StarHit” the lawyer Nazar Nazarov. – We have prepared an appeal to the Investigation Committee, the Prosecutor General and to the members of the Federation Council and deputies of the state Duma with the request to assist in the abolition of court decisions, implement the rights of the mother over the child, and also to withdraw from Panin girl, which he is illegally holding”. The human rights activist argues that Udintseva has all the conditions for the maintenance of his daughter: his own apartment in St. Petersburg, a steady income – she works at the Foundation for the preservation of monuments.
Дочь Алексея Панина: «Неприятно, когда мама меня обнимает»

Now Anna Panina lives with his grandmother in the village of Danilovka of the Vladimir region, and goes to school in the nearby town of Sudogda. “Her education is the mother of Panin – shares Udintsev. – Dad arrives from Moscow and tells about his exploits. Once he drunk buddies threw Anna into the river right in the clothes, and then asked her to walk around Moscow naked, as does he. This story was written from the words of the witness on tape”.

Udintsev sure that the girl needs long-term rehabilitation.

“In 2014, Anya had already visited a psychologist in Saint-Petersburg, – the woman added. – Both were for the benefit of these consultations. She now needs professional help. I not only want to pick up Anya from that terrible environment, but also to deprive Panina parental rights.”

The last meeting

Meanwhile, the actor says he never forbade Udintseva to communicate with the child. “When I took the NUS from Peter, a week later, the daughter she wished to return to mother, – says the actor. – I brought her. But seeing Julia in a bad state, she changed her mind. The court’s decision was not unreasonable. Conducted psychological evaluation. With the NUS talked to the doctors, asked questions, and then in one voice said that her daughter really wants to be with mom, and no it is not inspired. Baby you can’t prepare”.

Shocking Alexey Panin in an interview with Andrey Malakhov

According to Panin, NUS 12 October will be 10 years old, and by law she will be able to choose with whom to live.

“I say – run! But where to go? To the mother who is behaving strangely and constantly drinks, – has shared with “StarHit” the NUS. – I don’t miss her and don’t want to communicate, because she doesn’t understand me. When was the last time I saw her, she hugged me… it Was uncomfortable. I feel good to live with dad!”