Свами Даши едва не погиб в автокатастрофе In the book “Rebirth” party “the battle of psychics” described events that strongly influenced his life. According to Swami’s Grace, one day he got into a terrible accident. The man believes that the accident was “the last warning to the Universe.

Swami Dashi is one of the most mysterious of the participants of the program “Battle of psychics.” Recently a finalist of the last season of the TV show released an autobiographical book entitled “Rebirth”, in which he spoke about alcoholism, their own paranormal abilities and personal life. Besides, Swami candidly wrote about the time I almost died in a car accident.

“I somehow miraculously survived. It was a real nightmare. The accident at the speed of hundred miles per hour, three coup through the roof. The car is completely totaled, not a single whole part, and not a scratch on me,” says the psychic memories.

Swami Dasha admits that he and it is difficult to forget about these terrible events. However, the psychic is sure that the tragic incident was a signal of the Universe, a sign that it’s time to change your life. In that period of his life, the man was fond of meditation and self-knowledge. Thanks to new skills acquired from leading experts in the field, he discovered his special abilities.

Besides, many years ago, the Swami suffered from alcoholism, which he struggled in many different ways. Psychic tortured his body with fasting, physical exertion, and turned to traditional medicine. Swami Dashi admitted how to overcome alcohol addiction

“One day I found myself in the most severe drinking bout, which, alas, are no longer measured in days. My life at that time was the most fabulous “broken trough”. I lost everything: friends., family, himself. I understood that die,” shares with readers Dashi.

Deliverance from alcohol addiction was a long and complex process. At some point, Swami was very worried for his life and mental health, but the rejection of bad habits turned out exceptionally good. “In the early days of the euphoria of sobriety, I still tried to move, to stand, to do something. And then just laid down and stared up at the ceiling. So good,” says the psychic.

Swami Dashi rarely shares with fans the facts of his personal life, so his revelations in the book for many fans became shocking. However, the psychic hoped that his rebirth will help other people to change for the better. What we learned Swami Dasha: the most striking statements of the winner of “Battle of psychics”