Дочь Александра Серова попала в больницу 25-year-old Michelle Serova hospitalized. The daughter of the famous singer felt a sharp malaise, she had a fever, so she went to the doctors. This girl reported on his page in Instagram.
Дочь Александра Серова попала в больницу

On the eve Michelle Serova, 25-year-old singer, the daughter of the famous actor, star of the 90s Alexander Serov felt a sharp malaise. Her temperature rose, there was a sharp pain in the abdomen. The girl, without hesitation, asked for medical help. The doctors confirmed fears of the artist and put a disappointing diagnosis – a poisoning. Now Michelle is in the Clinical hospital “Lupino” in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, where treated. This she said its subscribers in the social network.

“In General, I have food poisoning. The temperature has risen. Me all crouched. I immediately understood everything. Arrived at the hospital, said that all is well. Assigned treatment. Do not get sick friends,” said Michel Serova.
Дочь Александра Серова попала в больницу

What poisoned the daughter of Alexander Serov, she said. She has a short treatment, already put a dropper with the appropriate drugs. About your condition Michelle says on his page in Instagram.

Michel Serova after the divorce of his father, Alexander Serov with the master of sports in acrobatic gymnastics Elena Lebedevoj lives with him in the prestigious village near Moscow. Having finished MGIMO on a speciality “journalism” in 2014, Michelle continued his father’s work and became a singer. To performing professionally on stage, she even entered Russian Academy of music Gnesin. Michelle has already recorded a dozen songs and often takes part in concerts together with my dad.

Despite the fact that in recent times the name of Alexander Serov often appear in the scandalous chronicle, a daughter always and in all supports the famous dad. The mental state of Alexander Serov raises serious concerns