Бывший муж Анастасии Макеевой впервые станет отцом The bride Gleb Matveychuk, the actress of theatre and cinema Elena Glazkova is expecting a child. This is evidenced by photos on the personal page in Instagram the new sweetheart of the artist. The woman showed the with a rounded belly.
Бывший муж Анастасии Макеевой впервые станет отцом

Gleb Matveychuk and Elena Glazkova ceased to hide their relationship last summer. Actors publicly show feelings to each other, publish a joint romantic photos on social networks. In February of this year, Hleb made his beloved proposal. And now, she showed a photo with his pregnant girlfriend, which clearly shows the rounded belly and signed: “Two beremenosti”. Followers were quick to congratulate the future mom.

“Oh! That’s the news! Helen, congratulations! Finally, now happiness will always be in your house!” “Helen, congratulations! I’m happy for you!” “Thank You, God, and thanksgiving heart! Glad, very glad, my dear Helen! May the Lord grant you to safely carry and give birth to a child of yours! I wish the same and your girlfriend!” – I wrote to friends and fans.
Бывший муж Анастасии Макеевой впервые станет отцом

That Gleb Matveychuk, who for six years lived with the actress Anastasia Makeeva, a new novel, it became known in the beginning of last year. Gleb and his girlfriend Elena celebrated her jubilee 30th anniversary. Then the young woman introduced favorite with parents.

Elena is originally from Moscow. According to media reports, the real names of the actress Khrapova. After school slender brunette, who for many years was engaged in dances, he entered the film Institute. Now in her filmography 17 pictures.

The bride of Gleb Matveychuk Elena became this February. The actor proposed to sweetheart during a concert. He sang “These eyes opposite”, but in the end the speech was presented to Elena, sitting in the front row, a diamond ring.

The news that Hleb is getting married again, for his fans was truly unexpected. After all, back in the fall of 2017 Matveichuk said that “has not departed from a previous marriage,” and with Elena he’s “friends” and play together in private show.

Recall that Hleb was married to actress Anastasia Makeeva about seven years. When in 2016, the couple announced the divorce, many colleagues and fans were openly shocked. Makeev and Matveichuk together not only lived, but worked. However, the relationship went wrong and the couple parted. Makeyev was very upset by the gap and emotionally commented on it. Although by his own admission, to live separately, she suggested herself. The lack of children in the family also, according to Anastasia, was one of the reasons for the gap.

“We just became different. I wanted a quiet life, to become a mother. We even started to go to doctors. It lasted three years, but I was not able to get pregnant. At some point he ceased to support me,” said Makeyev, “StarHit”.

By the way Makeeva also found his new happiness. The actress admitted that not one, but her lover does not want to be seen with in public.

Anastasia Makeeva: “My man doesn’t like to expose my personal life”