Дочка Александра Малинина стала певицей
Ustinja Malinin recorded a solo album.

All children of Alexander Malinin talented — so says the musician. Nikita Malinin became a singer, Frol Malinin — artist, but Ustinja
Malinin went in his father’s footsteps. And a girl not just sings, but already recorded an album
with songs, all the lyrics and music of his own composition. Of course, the star dad
appreciate the talent of the daughter. “The long-awaited moment of our life, Ustinja
Malinin released his first solo album. All songs written by herself,
and poetry and music. I am very proud of my daughter! — says the singer. — To become a professional, you need a lot more
to learn. Wish her great success in this not easy and challenging profession!”. Songs
Ustinja writes in two languages — English and Russian languages.

We will remind, Alexander Malinin has another child, daughter Kira
from his marriage to Olga Zarubina, which he did not recognize 25 years.

A few years ago in the program “Let
say” the artist met with Kira, who came from the USA. Long
time Alexander was silent on further relations with the girl, but in conversation with
Julia admitted that after the issue tried to establish contact with the girl and
help her to make a living: “I was wondering how it lives, breathes than who
communicates. And I learned information that I was very impressed. She was
almost abandoned child, no one did it. At the age of 14 left home
it is unclear where she lived, communicated with whom is unclear. And I was all shocked. First
wish I had something to help her, to attach her to participate in her life.”