Александр Панайотов поделился сокровенным перед финалом «Голоса» Finalist of the project spoke about what had accumulated in his soul. Alexander Panayotov known as one of the main contenders for victory in the music competition of the First channel. The artist remembered the hard times in his work, but does not intend to retreat from their dreams.

      This Friday will be the final of the popular project “the Voice.” One of the favorites of the show this season is Alexander Panayotov, who from the very first appearance in front of the audience and the jury began to consider one of the main contenders for victory. Now, when closing the program a few days left, Alexander decided to recall how difficult it was to overcome depression and failure to reappear before the public. The star of “the Voice” Alexander Panayotov: “Members consider me a threat”

      “The crisis was and in work and in earnings, and mentally. But spring came and everything began to revive. I decided that I need to do something that even I myself do not expect. And applied for “the Voice.” Of course, the decision was not easy, but the desire to change something in your life, add bright colors, adrenaline, pepper, meet the “big stage” and the souls of many people, his people, have won all prejudices. For many years I ignored almost all TV channels and the press, was written off, I don’t know why. And to be honest, never had anyone insult it,” the actor told his fans.

      Despite all the obstacles, Panayotov tried not to lose heart. He believed it was still able to surprise the audience, to show all his talent and now encourages them not to remain indifferent.

      “I am grateful to the First channel for such a magical opportunity to return to such a Holy place as a scene, to produce such important for the current difficult time connect with the souls and hearts of millions of viewers. How it’s still important. I encourage to watch this Friday, the Grand finale of the show “the Voice” to vote for their favorite participant. All funds will be transferred to the Fund in need of treatment children. Do not remain indifferent, please!” – Panayotov wrote in the microblog.

      Many audience members during participation of Alexander in “the Voice” managed to penetrate the talent and charisma of the performer. Now they sincerely wish him victory in the TV project. “Alexander is one of those cases when the soul and the voice matched the beauty”, “Sasha, I wish you the best of luck, believe in you, in your voice, in your soul and in your kind and open heart. Sasha, you know, we’re really rooting for you. Good luck, good luck and good luck again”, “Alexander! You are the talent! Your voice touches the depths of the soul! I wish you victory in the TV project and further victories!” – wrote fans.