Дочка Джонни Деппа отбилась от рук
Lily-rose upset father

Lily Rose Depp

Photo: @Steven Klein

The only daughter
Johnny Depp — Lily-rose — upset the father of her new photos taken for CR Fashion Book. The thing
that girl has a Topless scene — dressed only in tiny
denim shorts and boots. However, Lily-rose is not too worried about the reaction of the father.
This may celebrating its 18th anniversary, she proclaimed herself quite grown-up and
warned that she “is going to show more of the body, look
more sexy and even go much further!”

Your day
birth, Lily-rose, was considered a threshold, after which she is entitled
to start a new life, a girl met — in the company of your girlfriends Leila’s Raimi.
Girls are so wildly entertained, accompanying their fun a fair amount
cocktails that morning miss Depp narrowly missed my plane,
which was supposed to deliver it in Tokyo… no Wonder Depp was expressing at the time concern
about the fate of his daughter, who already at the age of 15 participated in the advertising campaign of Chanel. Johnny, familiar with the mores of the model
business was afraid that too early a start will not bring his daughter up to no good…

However, it is
it is possible that Lily-rose and there will be a model. Anyway, now, as
recently confessed the girl, she was more interested in her acting career. To
this time she has managed to star in 4 films, but she still has one
the project is a black Comedy Moose
Jaws. “I know many people think that I got the opportunity
to be in a movie just because my mom and dad are actors. But it’s not, and I
I will try to work twice as much to the film industry, I was recognized as
the actress!” — said Lily-rose.