Daughter of Stephen Hawking has put his life at risk

Дочь Стивена Хокинга подвергла его жизнь риску The heir to a British scientist admitted that he is proud of him. Lucy told of their childhood years, and also remembered an occasion when her close people risked themselves for the trip for the important award. Then the woman did not go against the will of the parent.
Дочь Стивена Хокинга подвергла его жизнь риску

In January of this year, the famous scientist Stephen Hawking was 75 years old. When theoretical physicist was 23 years old, doctors predicted his death, but the young man did not give up and leave science classes. Now the man who occupies the 25th place in the list of the 100 greatest Britons of all time, is called a genius.

In 1965, science popularizer married Jane Wilde. Later fiancee of Stephen Hawking gave him three children – Robert, Lucy and Timothy. However, the spouses failed to save the marriage, and 25 years after the wedding, they decided to disband. Recently, the heir to the scientist gave an interview to journalists. Lucy openly talked about his childhood and about the relationship with his father.

According to the woman, she did not realize that her parent is confined to a wheelchair, is different. When little Lucy to come to this realization, she was six years old. Daughter of Stephen Hawking had to explain to their peers why her dad sits there all the time.

Дочь Стивена Хокинга подвергла его жизнь риску“I remember once in school, all the kids were shown pictures of their families. My friend looked at my picture and said, “why is your dad sitting there?” All the other children in the photo parents stood. But my dad sat, and I said, “Hmm! It’s because he’s in the chair.” She asked me why. I replied that he was in a wheelchair and always sits. When I first realized that my father is not like everyone else” – says the woman.
Дочь Стивена Хокинга подвергла его жизнь риску

In 2009, Stephen Hawking received the highest award the U.S. Presidential medal of Freedom, the scientist was awarded Barack Obama. Popularizer of science came to the ceremony despite health problems. That day Lucy calls “one of the most exciting”. The woman really proud of his dad.

Дочь Стивена Хокинга подвергла его жизнь риску“I think this is one of the most exciting and important moments in his life. Shortly before that, being the Pope has deteriorated. And doctors are hardly allowed him to fly to Washington. There was even a re-consultation due to the severity of the events. And I remember saying to dad, “You realize that this journey could kill you? How you feel about it?” He said, “If I die in the White house, you’ll know that I died happy.” I said, “Well,” shared daughter physics.

Lucy Hawking said that with a father like Stephen Hawking, never a dull moment. Her father always had a lot of friends who used to spend time at his house. When Lucy was little, I happily communicated with the environment of the parent and set it to acquaintances interested in her questions about the world.

“They were discussing an unusual topic. There were no restrictions. And the children could ask any questions they wanted to and she always answered,” said the woman in an interview with the BBC.