Невестка требует от Татьяны Васильевой деньги за встречи с внуками

Personal life Anastasia Begunova, daughter of famous Russian actress of theater and cinema Tatiana Vasilyeva, everything is fine, and this condition has nothing to do with the son of a celebrity Philip – at the moment the young woman is carrying a child from another man, and their children born in marriage, his famous mother-in-law she not allow to see. More precisely, it is a specific amount of money.

Six months ago, only lazy did not discuss the secret life of Anastasia, who for many years of marriage cheated on her husband and father of their children. In addition, the cunning woman managed to pull from the family budget and pocket my mother in law a huge sum of money – 350 thousand euros.
“Legman is already six months pregnant, but maternity leave is not going to. Now playing in “Eugene Onegin” in Germany, and then he can begin preparing to leave. Her pregnancy she does not hide, but also to discuss with anyone not going. Friends, it is almost there, and not like she’s a person” — told reporters the sources from behind the scenes.
That child from his wife not from him, reporters said Philip. He also told that to obtain a divorce certificate.
“From whom is pregnant with my almost ex-wife – I’ll never know. Candidates much!” — said Philip.
“I was told about the adventures of Anastasia. With Rimas Tuminas she acted as his spouse on his knees he sat, he commanded them… She never hid the fact that he wanted to marry the Director, and then I turned up. I think she’s seduced by fame my mother otherwise in my direction they looked. I adored her, many turned a blind eye” — said the deceived husband.
That the child’s father, Anastasia is the Director Rimas Tuminas, Philip doubts. Moreover, his children are now living in Germany, told me that mom lives with some uncle Dima and forces them to call him dad.
“Ivan and Gregory for her – negotiable. Us with her mother she set a condition: the two hundred thousand rubles a month for the opportunity to chat with the boys. For mom it was very hard for the boys because for her – the meaning of life. We were ready to forgive even those Naste 350 thousand euros, but I’m not going to pay for dates with their own children. I am their father and you have that right. I also want to live in the homeland, in Russia. If the legman do not understand, we will solve a question through court” — has threatened Phillip.

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