Миранда Керр рассказала, что помогло ей побороть депрессию после расставания с Орландо Блумом

They were very beautiful and happy couple of Hollywood, and the birth of a common child, proved once again that they should be together. Orlando bloom and Miranda Kerr were the perfect match for each other, but due to some irreconcilable differences, these two decided to go separate ways.

It seemed that the separation bloom and Kerr was given even lighter than their fans. Fans have been through a divorce of celebrities as a personal grief. But, today, Australian model admitted that after termination of the relationship with Orlando, she was in depression from which to go helped her aromatherapy.

“After we Orlando broke up, I went into a small depression, — said the model, who founded her own beauty brand Kora Organics. And our main aromatherapist made me a special essence called the Heart Chakra Essence (“Essence of the heart chakra”), which is now with me constantly. When applied it feels like someone is hugging you tight, so strong its soothing effect.

The aroma contains a very pleasant essences, such as rose oil, sandalwood, jojoba, cedar and ylang-ylang.

By the way, as repeatedly said Miranda, she wishes happiness to her ex-husband, and therefore glad to see him in the arms of a new girlfriend Katy Perry.The other day ex-and a real sweetheart bloom was seen in the company of each other.


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