Рената Литвинова выставит на продажу ювелирные украшения, приносящие удачу

Big fan of jewelry, the actress and Director Renata Litvinova ready to get rid of some of his collection.

Decorations belonging to Renate, will soon be able to buy anyone, because it is put on sale jade rings, necklaces and bracelets. According to Litvinova, her accessories bring the owner happiness.

“Jade, bringing happiness, dearer to me than gold. In the beads and bracelets put the emerald “eyes” from the evil eyes. Soon will be available on the website RenatalitvinovaStore,” Renata announced on his page in Instagram.

Selling jewelry for Litvinova kind of debut. Earlier on the website of the actress sold exclusively t-shirts with original prints and paintings, the authorship of the Renata.

Dates are not specified.

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