Daughter Elena Vorobei has shared touching memories of his father

Дочь Елены Воробей поделилась трогательными воспоминаниями об отце She supported a mother in the program Boris Korchevnikov. Sofia Levenbaum admitted that he believed the dead man is very caring and wise person. Despite the fact that the ex-lover Elena Sparrow chose her over another woman, he tried to pamper heiress.
Дочь Елены Воробей поделилась трогательными воспоминаниями об отце

Paradisica Elena Sparrow became the heroine of the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”. In the broadcast transmission, the actress candidly spoke about the trials that she faced. The star had two fake marriage, she first told Lera Kudryavtseva in the “million dollar Secret”. Third husband of Helena became the actor of theatre “Buff” Andrey Kislyuk. The Sparrow broke up with her husband because of his infidelity. Then celebrities started to have problems with alcohol.

“I was crying, he was crying. It was very painful. First, it was necessary to solve everyday problems. We are very much United. (…) I had serious seizures, vascular spasms, I didn’t realize where I was, what year. Many times come soon. Not long lived in such conditions and heavily, I am a strong man. Then helped me work and meet interesting people in Moscow”, – said Elena.
Дочь Елены Воробей поделилась трогательными воспоминаниями об отце

Father daughter Paradiski became married businessman Igor Konstantinovich. The girl was born in March 2003. He helped Elena to buy an apartment in the capital. Sparrow tried not to advertise the relationship with the entrepreneur, because he was not free. In April of last year, Igor has died after a serious injury. The man fell from the roof while cleaning stormwater drainage. About nine months the doctors fought for his life, but their efforts were not crowned with success.

Sparrow is very much treasured his relationship with the businessman. After he has divorced his wife, he did not propose to Elena. But the actress is absolutely not touched. Some time after the birth of Sonia man went to the registry office with a sweetheart Either. My daughter Igor visited infrequently, mostly on the day of her birth. Despite this, Sonia has very fond memories of the parent.

“The last time I was with him [father] met and talked in St. Petersburg, when we came back. Then I more never talked to him, even on my birthday. It was the first time he didn’t call, not congratulated… He was kind, strong, very wise. I could not imagine what it means to live with dad. I was raised by a mother and relatives, and dad was not there”,– said the girl.

Elena Sparrow admitted that he did not expect gifts from Igor, but he tried to show himself as a caring parent. The artist remembered when Sonya’s father offered to buy her any Barbie doll, but she refused. The girl motivated the decision with extremely high prices for toys. Although parents Sony could not afford to treat her such attentions.

In turn, the father Sparrow James Levenbaum admitted that he sympathized with darling daughter. “I liked it very much. And to my wife. We felt that he was not abandoning the child,” he said.