Alexey Panin refused to work with Anna Semenovich because of her whims

Алексей Панин отказался работать с Анной Семенович из-за ее капризов The actor admitted that he decided not to cooperate with a famous singer. According to Alexey Panin, Anna Semenovich would not follow his daring, he thought. In several scenes of the new video of the actor had to be naked. Alex believes that Anna would oppose his idea.
Алексей Панин отказался работать с Анной Семенович из-за ее капризов

Scandalously famous actor Alexey Panin began to storm the musical Olympus. After the artist submitted] on comedian Daniel Cross, he presented a clip for the song Stas Kostushkin “Facts”. In the video starred adult film star Eva Berger. According to the Director, who made himself Panin, red-haired beauty seduces the main character by Alexei.

Reporters contacted the actor, who spoke about the work on the clip. According to Panina, he did not seriously to their work.

“I had no ambitions that I have done imperishable work which will go down in the annals of world cinema and art it and keep moving foward. It was crazy, that needs to be treated as the skit. We filmed it, as they say, “on the knee”, without lighting. We were there roughly two lights. What Eva Berger, aka Nadezhda Nikitina was shot… so what?” – said the worker of show business.
Алексей Панин отказался работать с Анной Семенович из-за ее капризов

Alex said that initially, the main role in the video was considered Anna Semenovich. However, the artist decided that the singer will not appear Nude.

“When we spent time talking with Stas, it is advised to invite into the clip Anna Semenovich. Anya – wonderful girl, but our Actresses and singers are sometimes capricious. S. would not walk naked down the street. So I chose a professional porn actress Eva Berger,” explained the actor.

During the conversation with journalists Alexey Panin also admitted that he feared the reaction to his work from the Stas Kostushkin. Some time ago between representatives of show business was a misunderstanding. When the singer learned that the outrageous Alex makes a video with a porn star, he was quite surprised. “The circus has left, and Panin left!” — said in a microblog Kostyushkin.

Later, Stas said that he watched the video of Alex and was pleased with his work. According to Kostyushkina, the actor managed to make a really cool video. The singer got in touch with Panin and advised him to start a career as a Director. “You know what my dream is? I want to find the money to make a movie with Alex. To remove, and most importantly, to learn from him acting” – quoted by Stas “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

We add that the clip MC Panina, representing a public condemnation of comedian Daniel Cross, scored more than 900 thousand views on YouTube. The majority of Internet users welcomed the track of Alex. They also praised the team Director max Mikhailov, who worked with many popular artists, including Dmitry Malikov, Body and Big Russian Boss. Alexey Panin threatening kidnapping and reprisals known comedian