Дочка Синди Кроуфорд влюбилась
16-year-old Kaia found herself a boyfriend.

Cindy Crawford and her daughter Kaia

Photo: Social Networks

Recently the paparazzi caught Kaya on a date with
17-year-old Fenton Marcella also making a career in the modeling business.51-year-old Cindy Crawford can not understand how time could fly so fast. It seems
yesterday her daughter was just a baby, and now she has debuted on the catwalk
and got a boyfriend. However, the choice of his daughter she approves, because Cindy well
knows the entire family of Petone and is friends with his mom, actress Patsy Palmer.

As it became known, Kaia and Fenton met at a party
with mutual friends a few months ago. And if at first they were just
friends, then gradually, their relationship developed into a romance. They spend together
a lot of time — they often go together, in that number on the beach in Malibu. Involuntary
witness their walks say that Kaya and her boyfriend look together
perfectly happy.

This year in the life of Kaia
an important event took place. Although in his first promotional photo shoot daughter Cindy
took part when she was всего10 years, on the podium she made her debut only this fall — Fashion Week in
New York. She entrusted the presentation of the new collection from Сalvin Klein. And the girl
made a very strong impression both on viewers and colleagues
working in the fashion industry. Her friend, model Karlie Kloss
said she never doubted that Kaya is a huge success. And
shortly before Kaia boasted another achievement: she’s proud
reported that successfully passed the exam and now has the full right to manage