Фанаты перестали узнавать звезду «Бедной Маши»
Stas Sadalsky showed Oleg Stefan is not in the best shape.

Oleg, Stefan, Olga Bogdanova and Stas Sadalsky

Photo: @stassadal Instagram Stas Sadalsky

Stas Sadalsky has recently met at the airport by an old friend: a 58-year-old actor — Oleg Stefan. On account of his dozens of prominent roles, including Bones in the film “Poor Mary” and captain John Mangles in the film “In search of captain Grant”. Sadalsky has decided to play with his subscribers. The actor, without mentioning the name of his colleagues, invited them to guess who is depicted beside him in the photo.

“You recognize the kid? We Yenikoy now met him at the airport. The handsome Superman! (I myself). But he, too, is well preserved. And once this place worked, where the lady of the heart they could not divide,” wrote Sadalsky in social networks.

Unfortunately, few of the users on the Network was able to correctly answer this question. Many speculated, and knowing the right answer overreacted. “Wow! How changed”, “Not be known without a clue”, “Time spares no one…” — write followers Sadalsky.

Meanwhile, Oleg is continuing to do. Latest projects with his participation became the TV series “Mysterious passion” and “Forester”. Recall that for a long time, Oleg has lived and filmed in Hollywood. On account of his joint work with Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, gene Hackmen, Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts.