Dasha Zhukov was caught on a date with a Greek billionaire

Дашу Жукову застали на свидании с греческим миллиардером According to rumors, the gallery owner had an affair with an old friend of Stavros Niarhos. Not so long ago, Daria Zhukova and wealthy businessman noticed in one of the cafe American. Alleged lovers prefer to refrain from comments about his personal life.
Дашу Жукову застали на свидании с греческим миллиардером

In early August, the gallery owner Daria Zhukova announced his breakup with businessman Roman Abramovich. The lovers decided to break up friends. Despite the fact that Daria and Roman are no longer together, they continue to raise children together and work on joint projects.

Some tabloids suggested that a new partner Zhukova – the Greek billionaire Stavros Niarhos. Daria has long been friendly with the owner, and now, according to the correspondents of several publications, their relationship has moved to a new level. Whether this is so is anyone’s guess. Zhukov and Niarhos prefer to refrain from comments about his personal life.

Recently Daria and Stavros were spotted together abroad. The alleged lovers were spending time in one of the cafes in new York. Reporters immediately suggested that Zhukov and Niarhos feel something more than just friendship, and pictures – proof connection arising from Greek shipowner and galeristka.

Earlier Bozhena Rynska said that he knows the new darling Daria Zhukova. According to the secular obozrevatelya, she had an affair with an attractive young man. The followers of the journalist immediately began asking her to declassify beloved Zhukova. However, Bozena was adamant and refused to disclose this information. At the same time, Rynska has denied that the socialite is in a relationship with someone from the entourage of the President of the United States Donald trump or ex-boyfriend, Heidi Klum Vito Schnabel.

“Actually he is not. The one (elect Zhukova – Ed.) beautiful and big-nosed. And this (we are talking about Snabela Approx.) freak some nasty. The young Abramovich, but more and more beautiful,” commented Bozena rumors that Daria had an affair with the ex-lover of supermodel.

Answers Ryńskie provoked heated debate on the Network. Internet users put forward their suggestions about someone you can meet Daria Zhukova. Some decided that Stavros Niarhos perfectly matches the description of the chosen one galeristka, which was published by Bozena of Rynska. Recent pictures of the pair at the disposal of Peopletalk, only added fuel to the fire.

Meanwhile, Daria Zhukova and Roman Abramovich continue to work together to go out. Not so long ago they attended the opening of an exhibition by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami in the Metropolitan Museum “Garage”. Ex-beloved was in a good mood and willingly posed for photographers. Daria Zhukova was reunited with Roman Abramovich at social events