Osin depending on Kelme: “This will end badly”

Осин о зависимости Кельми: «Это плохо кончится» The contractor decided to help a colleague who recently said that he was poisoned and robbed a young lass. Chris kelmi will go to a rehabilitation center abroad, where Evgeny Osin and Dana Borisova.
Осин о зависимости Кельми: «Это плохо кончится»

Evgeny Osin became a hero “program Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Singer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” is now in a rehabilitation centers of Thailand, along with Dana Borisova. The actor impressed the Studio guests to its stunning appearance. They found that the hospital stay went, Aspen is good.

Осин о зависимости Кельми: «Это плохо кончится»“I’m in Thailand. Here I changed my Outlook and feel good, although very hard. (…) I got on serious mode,” said Eugene.
Осин о зависимости Кельми: «Это плохо кончится»

On a talk show performer also got into an altercation with Natalya Sturm, whom he cannot find common language. Eugene believes that his friend was framed.

Natalia Shturm attacked Evgeniya Osina

Ex-wife of rapper Guf, ISA Anokhina tried to maintain a star of the 90s. Earlier, the woman watched as hip-hop artist was struggling with addiction. The ex-husband of ISA has been to the clinic because of problems with drugs.

Осин о зависимости Кельми: «Это плохо кончится»“Eugene, Hello. I don’t know you, but I came here because familiar with this issue. I want to support you from the heart, albeit I have one for you. I support you, what would you now say or do. I respect and accept your words. I would very much like to ask friends to consider it. This withdrawal syndrome” – said Anokhin to the artist.
Осин о зависимости Кельми: «Это плохо кончится»

In the transmission I remembered a video of Rustam Solntseva to Dana Borisova, which ex-member of telestroke asked to help lead a well-known blonde named Mary. “Malinovskaya she somehow understood that we are talking about her. She was offended and started to “extinguish.” If it’s not the person, then you can laugh and not pay attention, but she clearly and specifically articulated yourself in this role. She needs to understand that there is no fun, and nobody wants to laugh at this problem,” said Solntsev.

Dana Borisova has expressed readiness to help a colleague in show business, but from other comments on her possible illness abstained. “We find the approach to everyone, whether famous or not. The trouble all have one,” said the blonde.

Осин о зависимости Кельми: «Это плохо кончится»

Chris kelmi, who recently stated about the robbery, also appeared in the Studio. Many believe that the star of the 90s is suffering from alcohol addiction and needs help. Chris found that Evgeny Osin looks great, and expressed hope for further recovery. The performer of the song “Crying girl in the machine” has publicly addressed his colleague in show business.

Beloved Chris kelmi suspected his wife of committing a crime

“I understand that we deny our dependence. But we need to do something, because all signs indicate that this will end badly. Up to a lethal outcome. I wish you get back on the road to recovery. First, failing liver, pancreas, then his legs, and then start diseases such as pancreatitis, gastric ulcer, and in the worst case cirrhosis of the liver and all. I was in the hospital, I saw people who were already yellow and orange. I wouldn’t want us to end. So come on, old man, to steer. If you need my help, I’ll help you,” said Osin.

In the final show of Chris kelmi agreed to go for treatment in Thailand. The contractor added that with great pleasure will spend time together with Eugene Wasp and Dana Borisova.