Дарья Мельникова показала идеальную фигуру в бикини
“Daddy’s girl” went with the family on vacation.

photos in a swimsuit ? all you can normally continue to relax

A post shared by Daria Melnikova @movem.me (@melnikovadsh) on Mar 3, 2018 at 7:15am PST

What a stellar vacation without beach photos? Daria Melnikova recently flew with her husband Arthur by Smolyaninova and son on vacation. Acting couple settled in Bali. Microblogging actress replenished with images of island beauties. At the end of a short vacation, Daria decided to publish a photo, which showed a figure in a bikini. The received rave reviews from fans of the actress.

Bali Melnikov was first. About their impressions about the island she told on the personal page in social networks. “Fabulous Bali treats, well, or relieves the symptoms of: fear of flying — you can fly here for a long time, be sure to change babakotia — they just come and live crowd in your house, blogophobia in the kit. The phobia of big water — it’s everywhere, you’re surrounded! Phobia of bacteria, well, you understand. Phobia of dirty white t-shirt (after the first drops of watermelon in the morning). Phobia not washed his head. Phobia of bats, lizards, ants, and other friends of the urban dweller. Mathophobia. Rotafolio. Logouttime. And so on… And get rewarded “somatogamy” sunsets, endless fruit, happy faces (and yours as well), happy thoughts (and yours in particular) and the primitive joy of life ! Yes! And most importantly, treated even integrationist, but he who seeks will find,” joked Daria.

Darya Melnikova with her son Arthur

Photo: @Instagram melnikovadsh Daria Melnikova

We will remind, recently Daria and her husband had arranged a family photo shoot, spicy, some staff shared in social networks. Among other things, a public demonstration of feelings for Daria and Arthur quite unusual. From the first days of Roman actors was strictly classified. When in 2013 the couple has registered relations, for many, it was a big surprise. Two years later, in Melnikova and Smolyaninova first child, which the couple is still hiding from the public. Only recently Daria has officially confirmed that the boy was named Arthur, in honor of the Pope. Then Daria posted in the blog the first joint photo of husband and son. Stealth spouses is easily explained: they don’t want to blur the lines of personal and public life.