Гвинет Пэлтроу препятствует счастью своего экс-супруга
Girlfriend Chris Martin spent his birthday alone.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin


Gwyneth Paltrow close to ruin for the third
the affair her ex-husband Chris Martin. She keeps him “on a short leash” and
does not allow him to be happy. Latest “achievement” Gwyneth is that Chris
and his favorite is a 28-year-old daughter of Melanie Griffith and don Johnson — Dakota Johnson, met the birthday of the singer apart.

In the 40-day anniversary of Martin of Dakota, a novel which ensued
the singer last year, Johnson, not to be sad all alone,
had dinner in the restaurant with loved ones, and with her sister, 21-year-old Stella
Banderas, daughter of Melanie Griffith from her ex-husband Antonio Banderas. Although girls that the paparazzi managed to photograph when they were at one
of the popular venues in West Hollywood, was stylishly dressed,
they both seemed not fun. And Dakota does look like she
recently cried…

Meanwhile, Martin’s ex-wife was in that day
an excellent mood. He posted on his page congratulations Chris on
the occasion of his birthday, put up a photo, which depicted she and Martin with children
daughter Apple and son Moses. Moreover, she signed the frame unexpectedly: “the day
birthday, brother! Thank you for the children!” Says Gwyneth, after the divorce
Chris had become for her almost brother. However
the facts show a different story.

Since then, Paltrow divorced with Martin, he had already
three times attempted to build their new personal life. At first he
struck up a romance with Jennifer Lawrence, and after the completion of their novel — with Annabelle Wallis. But neither the one nor the other is not
able to withstand the “brotherly” relationship of Chris with his “ex”. Paltrow is valid
already well-established pattern: it requires that Martin spent all weekend
holidays and vacations exclusively with his ex-family. It is not surprising that
none of the girls do not have the patience for a long time to tolerate such a situation.
Lawrence and Willis, in desperation, have long abandoned attempts to build
relationship with Martin. Now, it seems, came the turn of Dakota Johnson to decide
if she wants to continue your affair with Martin.