Darling Pavel Derevyanko compared with Angelina Jolie

Избранницу Павла Деревянко сравнили с Анджелиной Джоли At the moment, the artist is in Los Angeles. There is the actor explores the local attractions and enjoying life in the company of a mysterious stranger. Subscribers Derevyanko sure that it is a copy of a Hollywood star.

      40-year-old actor Pavel Derevyanko is one of the most eligible bachelors in the Russian show-business. To leave this status of celebrity is in no hurry. After her divorce from Daria Malisevo, the mother of the two heiresses of the star, Paul is credited with regularly romances with different girls. However Derevyanko prefers not to comment on his personal life.

      Recently, the artist has intrigued fans with photo of mysterious stranger. In one of the social networking Paul issued a joint picture with a charming brunette in dark glasses. It was made in Los Angeles, which is now Derevyanko.

      “Very cold here”, – said Paul in Instagram, adding hashtags to the publication of “Los Angeles” and “Our rest”.

      It should be noted that a photo with a mysterious stranger – not the first in the microblog artist. Derevyanko previously shared the joint with his girlfriend, made in California. “Meet my first dawn” – signed picture Paul, alluding to the fact that sealed his first day in the United States. In both cases, the choice of the actor compared Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. Fans Derevyanko believe that famous fatal beauty and his lover are very similar to each other. “Russian brad and Angie”, “Romance”, – wrote the followers of Paul.

      Earlier the actor was attributed an affair with restaurateur Jeanne Kim. Along with it, Paul attended a concert of group Uma2rman, which was held in April of this year. Then, many journalists have decided that this new choice of the actor. According to the observations of the people who attended the event, the whole evening Derevyanko did not depart from his girlfriend. The pair held hands and did not hesitate to hug. Talking with the press, Paul began to spread on the companion in detail. After the release of neither the actor nor Jeanne did not publish photos in social networks. About Kim knows that she belongs to Elements café in the center of Moscow, where in December of last year there was a demolition involving criminal authorities.

      By the way, despite the fact that Paul broke up with his wife Daria Malisevo, he continues to communicate with her and to participate in the education of daughters. According to Derevyanko, he is friends with a former lover. Whenever the actor gets free time, he tries to spend it with heirs. Pavel Derevyanko has built a perfect relationship with ex-wife