Дарья Жукова выходит в свет с новым возлюбленным Insiders have confirmed the novel galeristka and ex-girlfriend of Roman Abramovich with the Greek billionaire Stavros Niarhos. More recently, Daria Zhukova often appears at events together with an old friend – a representative of the famous dynasty.

After Daria Zhukova announced the breakup with Roman Abramovich, she is regularly credited with new novels. Itself, the gallery owner tries to keep secret details of his personal life. Western journalists wrote to Daria started Dating longtime friend, rich Greek Stavros Niarhos. The couple were seen together in one of the cafe American. Anyway, other evidence of their close relationship, until recently, was not.

But insiders spoke about the alleged Hobbies Zhukova. They confirmed that Daria is Dating Stavros. According to informed sources, after parting with Abramovich, Zhukova has been spending more time in America. Recently, the gallery owner showed up with a billionaire at a charity lunch in new York’s Metropolitan Museum. In addition, they were seen at the Art Basel fair in Miami, and also the event log Garage dedicated to the American artist Jeff Koons.

“They were friends and just recently started spending more time together,” sources say new York.

Before seriously get involved by Daria Zhukova, Stavros Niarhos for a long time met with Australian top model Jessica HART. The couple has been together for seven years. There was even talk that Stavros had made the proposal to the beloved. However, this summer, the blonde confirmed that broke up with eligible bachelor. “Yes, I can say that they really sold. Nevertheless, they remained friends, and Jessica never felt more happy,” – said the representative HART.

As for Daria Zhukova, it is also in good terms with ex-lover Roman Abramovich. The gallery owner and businessman continues to work on joint projects – the Garage Museum in Moscow and cultural center on New Holland island in St. Petersburg. In addition, Daria and Roman are taking part in the education of children – the son of Aaron Alexander and daughter Leia.

Divorce Zhukova and Abramovich: the reasons for the separation and fabulously compensation

In a joint statement the pair at the disposal of journalists, said that the decision on parting was given to them is extremely difficult. However, Daria and Roman are still good friends and occasionally appear together at social events. In late September, Zhukova and Abramovich have opened the fashion show of the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami in the “Garage”. And who is now Dating an oligarch, is not known. At one time, the businessman attributed the fascination with a classy lady Hope Obolentseva, which this year has divorced with a top Manager “Neftegazincor” Airat Isakov.