Состояние больного раком Александра Беляева улучшилось TV presenter suffers from cancer and is now undergoing the third cycle of chemotherapy. Thanks to the professionalism of doctors 68-year-old man is slowly but surely on the mend.
Состояние больного раком Александра Беляева улучшилось

“Being treated at the Blokhin Center, said the “StarHit” Alexander Vadimovich. Indicators of the health stabilized – pressure normal, blood tests are good. I’m under the close supervision of doctors. Several times a week I put on a drip, monitor pill intake. Often remember the heroism of his dead wife. She faced this terrible disease!”

Despite the progress recently on the TV star struck a new attack – he’s badly bruised leg.

“Can’t walk, continues Belyaev. – One night jumped out of bed, ran strongly and hit the corner of furniture. Now limited in mobility, the street is slippery, afraid to fracture. But do not lose heart”.

“If all goes well, will complete the third chemotherapy, then the fourth and finally will be healthy! Once again knock on wood not to jinx it”.

Free surveys time Belyaev holds in the country.

“Outside the city a different air, – says Alexander Vadimovich. – Want to celebrate then with the whole family in the New year. Family worried about me going to Church. Glad I listened to my entreaties, and decided to check the condition. My son Ilya signs of cancer are detected. We are now waiting for the test results, brother!”