Daria Pynzar told about the fading feelings for her husband

Дарья Пынзарь рассказала об угасающих чувствах к мужу The star of the reality show “Dom-2” tries to do everything to restore the passion. Daria Pynzar did not hide the fact that with the advent of two children, she was given wife to Sergey a little less time. The former participant of the reality show have admitted that it happens to many young couples.

Sergey and Daria Pynzar considered the perfect couple. They met on the project “Dom-2”, fell in love with each other and created a family. For many they are the embodiment of ideas of the reality show. Now the couple are raising two sons – Artem and David. Daria tries to be very honest with your fans, and therefore not seeking to fool them. Many often wonder how she manages to maintain a bright feeling with her husband. A young mother admits that to keep the passion is not so simple. Daria Pynzar: “Husband is afraid to have sex with me”

“It happens that the interest in each other fades — this happens perfectly with all young parents. The one who denies it, is simply disingenuous, because the lifestyle is changing so that all the attention shifts to the children. When in a family there is another person, your love has to share — in our case four. But I always remind myself and my husband, why they met and why she chose each other. I’m trying to get Sergei romantic surprises, because without it, you can quickly get bogged down in routine,” said Daria.

A young woman tries to do everything to maintain the spouse still have feelings. She believes that young parents just need to arrange for each other romantic surprises. Daria tries to show imagination to surprise your mate.

“I am convinced that the man loves his eyes. Therefore, at least once a month I buy beautiful lingerie set. For example, a newly purchased sexy red lingerie with chains,” admitted Pynzar.

Daria does not allow himself to look untidy. The star of “House-2” can get out of the house without makeup, but will never admit negligence. It negotiates a closet with her husband – mainly among the things predominate outfits flattering. Also at the request of a spouse a young woman makes difficult hairstyles – Sergei like long flowing hair.

Despite the fact that Daria and Sergey mother of two sons, the couple allow themselves to be alone to relax far away from everyday Affairs. Daria Pynzar about me boys, “I did not throw children!”

“Sometimes it is worth a break from the kids and spend time just the two of us. For this I hired a nanny, and my husband bought a room in the hotel. We are walking around Moscow, visited favorite places, talking. Occasionally out in the bath or for a massage. Such moments serve as a reminder of why we loved each other and became a family,” said Pynzar in an interview Woman.ru.