Son Pugacheva and Galkin won the Internet song

Сын Пугачевой и Галкина покорил Интернет исполнением хита Little Harry sang “a Song of driver,” accompanying himself on piano. The heir of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin showed beautiful vocal. Fans of the star family was delighted with the speech of the boy, noting that he never missed a note.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin are sensitive to the desire of their fans to observe, how to grow their little heirs Harry and Lisa. Star parents often shared with numerous subscribers of its microblogging photos and videos, which depicted the twins. Alla Pugacheva caught the heiress off guard

Three year old kids grow up very smart and intelligent kids, who clearly inherited the talent of his famous parents. So, little Harry already had a good singing voice, while accompanying himself on the piano. The tool had, however, is a toy. But this is only the beginning! Maxim Galkin has published in the microblog a video in which his three year old son takes the inimitable hit an all time – “Song to the driver”.

“You are not afraid of neither rain, nor sleet, sharp turn and slope. So I don’t have favorite cry, so you enjoy the game!” – confident and very loud prints Harry the words of the famous song.

“It’s very cool!” – praised the show’s host is “best” for his son.

Subscribers microblog Maxim Galkin, which for more than half a million came to a complete delight from the seen. Improvisation performed by Harry captured the hearts of fans. They gave the young singer a compliment, noting that three-year-old never missed a note.

“Artist! How to sing – from the heart”, “How many children get positive emotions! So handsome!”, “That’s a good boy! I already love!”, “The main thing is not pitchy. But you can sing louder”, “It’s simply divine! Watched incessantly for half an hour. Thank You, Harry! My day is made thanks to your talent,” said the followers of Maxim Galkin.

It is worth noting that not only Harry, but his sister Lisa has cemented the status of some of the brightest children of celebrities. Each video, which publish their parents, always accompanied by hundreds of enthusiastic comments from fans. They never tire of complimenting the heirs of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, believing that such children will not go to, and all of their energy must be directed in the right direction.

Admirers of Maxim for a long time know how much he loves his family and cherishes it. Galkin confessed that fatherhood as if he divided his life into “before” and “after”. He believes his wife and the heirs of Harry and Lisa, his universe, and tries to spend all free time together at home with friends and family.