Daria Pynzar lost her husband in a karaoke bar

Дарья Пынзарь оторвалась с мужем в караоке-баре Spouse incendiary marked the anniversary of family life. Darya and Sergey Pynzar threw a fun party for a copper wedding. During the festival, the former participant “Houses-2” have demonstrated their dancing skills and vocal skills.

One of the strongest couples formed on the project “Dom-2”, Darya and Sergey Pynzar may 5, said copper wedding. Their Union was seven years old. The day before the couple happily celebrated this event.

First, the husband and wife chose to inform all the fans about what they say pretty solid date of its formal relations. Daria and Sergey congratulated each other with a great event in microblogging, once again admitting to the tender feelings is the envy of many. And in the evening, the celebrity couple continued the celebration at a karaoke bar in the circle of his friends for the reality show “Dom-2”. In particular the image of the company Darya and Sergey Pynzar was seen the current lead of the project Vlad Kadoni, ex-member of telestroke Andrei Cherkasov and others.

Guests couples had a lot of fun, playing the hits and showing off their vocal talents. Truly liberated and the birthday girl, Daria Pynzar. A young woman famously danced and sang songs.

“How can, sing and dance. In General, I signed up for the dance. Don’t laugh… Although, of course, while I’m not ready to show off their meager skills. Later,” commented Daria incendiary video in microblogging.

Fans of gust’s wife with seven years of experience approved. “Super. So you need to hang and do not care at all!”, “You’re beautiful and happy. Wanna sing, wanna dance, wanna – twine sit down”, “come on, Come on, Dashunya than you worse Buzova!”, “Sing! Drink! Dance! Do whatever you like! Proper chicken and mother in greasy robes mouths shut and passed by. Good girl Dasha, without complexes! Nobody’s perfect,” Daria Pynzar supported by her loyal fans.

Darya and Sergey Pynzar for many years are one of the most exemplary pairs of “House-2”. Everyday ex-members of telestroke are still a subject of interest for thousands of their fans. Numerous photos on the social network once again confirm that in this family there is harmony. Daria Pynzar told about the fading feelings for her husband

Now the couple has two sons – the Theme and David. Over the years of living together Daria and Sergey learned to listen to each other and to go together through the difficult moments of life.